As a new software developer with a background in marketing I can talk to both humans and computers.

I have a focus on web development, UX design, and databases. With a knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I’ve also been made to work with PHP, Java, assembly, Turing machines and other computer science components that probably don’t help me get things done.

I’m based in sunny (and beachy) Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s east coast. I’m married to Rachel and we have two very young boys.


I started as writer with a Diploma in Freelance Journalism. That grew into copywriting and online marketing. Which wasn’t something you could study at a high level in New Zealand. So instead of heading to university, I took correspondence courses from overseas (and travelled) so I could get a cutting edge education from marketing guys who were actually selling things.

I worked on the launch of a business that took a commodity that was selling for $11 per kg, and turned it into a service which sold for $140 per kg over the internet. My marketing ideas have been featured on Springwise, and been called the “greatest marketing idea ever” by Made From New Zealand.

I started Marketing Geek Limited where I offer online marketing to local service businesses, and help them find more clients online. I consult and provide solutions to clients from a range of service industries.

Over time I got into the technical side In June 2016 I completed a Computer Science degree at Waikato University as part of my transition into a software developer. I won the FCMS Dean’s Excellence Award and averaged A to A+s. Now I’m grinding on my own time to quickly improve my development skills.

I currently work for Tidy as a software developer and marketing strategist. Tidy offers SaaS products for managing projects and inventory.