Hiya peeps, and welcome to the new blog!

You haven’t got time to waste, and you there’s heaps you could read. So why should you read this blog?

Well here’s exactly…

What You’ll Find Here

Internet Marketing

My job is internet marketing. Especially helping service businesses in New Zealand get the most of the internet. So lots of the stuff here will be about how you can use the internet to get more business. This industry changes by the minute and I’ll keep this place up to date with the important changes. (My business also has an New Zealand internet marketing blog with hardcore info on how to get results.)


All this cool stuff if fueled by technology, and I’m a bit of a geek myself. I spend, probably far too much time, following all the latest stuff in the tech news. I’ll post the important stuff here. I’ll also include my best predictions of where things are going.

New Zealand

I’m also a kiwi. I work hard to help New Zealand businesses, so I’ll generally be posting things from a kiwi perspective. And I love the outdoors here, so I may slip in a few pictures of our beautiful country and the adventures I have.


I read a lot of books, blogs, articles and news. I’ll be doing reviews and telling you what you should read.

Stay In Touch

That’s what you’ll be getting here. If you want to stay in touch head over to the right. You can follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, add my RSS feed, or subscribe by email.