May 13th, 2011special peeps

I’d been thinking about writing one of those silly but popular posts I use to do where I make fun of quirks in my friends.

Instead here’s a list of things I love about you guys…

(There’s a dozen ways I could get in trouble here, so let me give two disclaimers; if you’re not on the list it doesn’t mean you’re less important, I randomly chose people, second, the things I listed here are not necessarily the most loved attribute of the person, just something unique. :) )

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This is not chapter nine, please don’t shoot me. Just thought I should say that first.

When I started writing Chief I thought I’d just write a crazy story and use my friends as characters. Then I decided to do the typical caricature thing with you all. . . take a few elements of your personality and blow it all out of proportion, till your story character was a bit silly. Without that, there might be drama but it wouldn’t be funny.

I didn’t think about every way it could be read. I write it from my paradigm but apparently readers could get the wrong impression and start thinking that I was saying this is what my friends are really like. I was told by a few people this is especially true for characters in the story you don’t know.

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May 18th, 2009the memoirs

Thanks everyone who sent in a memoir!

Anyone can vote for the winner, just Skype or email me your favourite.

The voting deadline is this Sunday, 24th of May.

Here they are…

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March 30th, 2009chapter four

Chapter Four: Flying Penguins

Nicole rushed back from the pile of luggage, and frantically asked, “Why is all my hairspray gone?”

“Firstly,” answered Luke, “it’s kind of crazy that you’re worried about your hair when we’re wrecked on a desert island. And second, we used it to start the bonfire.”

“But why is all the hairspray gone?” asked Nicole in disbelief.

“There’ll be no living with her after this,” muttered Jane.

Everyone was lounging on the beach, enjoying the twilight.

And then suddenly, (and this is truly suddenly – not the kind of suddenly like wings falling off or a wedding cake spontaneously combusting, which are always possible – this was the kind of suddenly that no one can expect) Zaccai and Christopher appeared in the middle of the beach. As if they had come out of nowhere.

“I don’t think this is Philadelphia,” said Zac calmly.

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March 16th, 2009chapter three

Chapter Three : Message In A Bottle

The sun was streaming down on the 16 friends as they lay on the beach. Most of them looked like they’d fallen asleep on a toaster.

But not Luke. He’d made a paste out of some white clay in the hillside. Now he looked like a snowman with yoghurt spread across his face. But he wasn’t burnt.

“I’d rather have my skin burnt off, than look like that,” Janelle told him disdainfully.

“You have,” said Luke.

“I don’t burn,” replied Janelle shortly.

The friends had got themselves – and their luggage – out of the plane without much drama. Just Nicole had got some mud on her getting across the bog.

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February 12th, 2009chapter one

Chapter One :   The Wings Fall Off

Dale slammed the door of the taxi, grabbed the handles of two enormous suitcases and lumbered off towards the terminal. He was running late. Really late.

He didn’t like to be late. But then it wasn’t exactly his fault.

The speaker bleared, “Last Call, Passengers on Qantas flight 574, Kirsty Thorne and Dale Thorne please board immediately.” Kirsty’s face flushed. She didn’t exactly like having her tardiness proclaimed to everyone.

They dashed aboard the plane as the door was closed behind them.

This was going to be fun.


Nine hours later, they were sitting on a very different plane.

It was very small, and was flying nosily over the ocean.

This was a long awaited holiday. Fifteen friends from around the globe spending a couple of weeks together on an island in the tropics. It had been planned for a long time. And now they were finally here… well, here on a chartered plane anyway.

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October 31st, 2008the news

And now for something completely different…

How My Friends Are Most Likely To Be Heard About In The News

I’ve kicked a few ideas around for the long awaited next list. But we earthlings were standing around in the staging area, taking turns saying mean things about Zac, when Matt said…

NASA Launch Rockets, “Don’t Touch My Planet” Says Zac

So here’s my list of how you’re most likely to hear about some people I know in the news…

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