May 25th, 2009cement for wimps

Sunday was Darcy’s birthday.

Darcy is a bit of a man’s man. He’s no stranger to roughing it, especially when down country with the bees.

When guys – like me for instance – are not as hardy as him, he tells them to harden up and take some cement. He’s often said he wanted little packets of cement to throw at guys who have been softened by being around the woman too much – as he says.

So for his BD I made him a pile of sachets. I think you could also call it Bear Grylls formula.


May 22nd, 2009may 18

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I was happy.


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May 12th, 2009Mum’s birthday


That dessert almost proved my downfall.

December 24th, 200850+1=

It was Dad’s birthday, but Zac said his final goodbyes to his pet sheep…

It’s called getting the last word in. “And that’s for getting out the 500th time…”

He struggled with it emotionally. (shake)

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September 7th, 2008Michaela turns 14

Michaela turns 14

And that’s a Mum made Chocolate Fabulous Cheesecake!

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