August 6th, 2011breakfast

Did you have chocolate chip chocolate pancakes with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream for breakfast?

No you didn’t, because Becky just invented it! Oh yeah!

That’s why you wish you were staying at Fossie Park.

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April 16th, 2011from the archives

I’m sure you can figure it out.

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March 15th, 2010practice

Becky’s hair practice run. She was completely gorgeous.

The day after Becky was reported to have made the Christmas cake, this mysterious package appeared in the pantry.

I’m suspicious.

November 16th, 2009minder

Beck, Mic, Kirsty, Luke - Lookout

The girls walked up to the Minden lookout on Sunday. I got to go as bodyguard due to my imposing 5′ 4″ physique.

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I had a lot of puppy kisses to wash off when I got home.

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As most of you know, Becky’s been having serious problems with her right wrist. She broke it three years ago (in our final roller hockey game with the VWs), but for the last year it’s been getting worse. It’s painful and stops her doing lots of stuff.

Now she is scheduled for surgery on the 7th of August (providing ACC come to the party) with a long recovery to follow.

Please pray for her. (We do not want to be without our awesome little chef for any longer than possible.)


March 28th, 2009in Whitianga again

So here is what we did for 3 days at out grandparents. . .







Beach. (Best in world.)

Ice Creams. (Huge ones, on Black Jack Rd.)







Fillet Fish.

Swim. (Quick one at the beach.)

Eat. (Becky’s birthday dinner. Awesome dinner and dessert.)


Eat. (Big breakfast.)

Tour. (Around the bays. Landed where Captain Cook first raised his flag here.)



Thank you Nana and Gramps! :* (nod)


Whitianga estuary – by Michaela.

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December 27th, 2008the awesomest gingerbread house

Becky and Michaela rock.

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November 1st, 2008creme brulee

creme brulee

The latest in our Saturday night dessert series. (And long may it continue…)

October 27th, 2008chopsticks


Becky and Matthew playing chopsticks last night at a gathering at the B’s (held because MrsJ was visiting).

October 26th, 2008saturday night

saturday night

Becky is eating a custard filled choux pastry doghnut with chocolate coffee sauce, which she made us last night.

The custard and chocolate mingled with the short black I had echoed around my tastebuds all evening…

October 4th, 2008it’s tough living here

it's tough living here

Becky rocks.

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