Here’s a copy of a post about our final honey trip.

You will note that the normally pitiful smoker was working in all it’s glory when Zac came with us.

On the way down to collect your honey we stopped at this lookout. In the background you can see the big active volcanoes in the center of the North Island. It’s the end of summer, so just about all the snow has melted.

Later in the afternoon, we’re looking back on the west side of Mount Ruapehu.

Setting up the camp, just on dusk.

Darcy and Dave having some fun while we cooked dinner.

Sitting round the fire while we ate.

Heading off to the beehives in the early morning mist.

Getting the smoker going.

Collecting the frames of honey from your hive.

Collecting honey from another hive.

Heading back down the track with boxes of honey.

And back over the bridge.

Loading the honey onto the trailer for the long trip home.