And Then They Made Me Their Chief

Chapter Nine : The Tipping Point

“This whole thing seems so similar to that story Luke wrote on his blog a year or so ago,” said Sarah. “It’s kind of creepy.”

“It seemed good that I should write it,” said Luke.

No one else was listening.

They were looking at Nicole.

“Where have you been?” demanded Philip.

“I was trying to get a signal on my phone, so I wandered down the beach,” she answered.

“There are rules about staying inside the boundaries,” shouted Luke. “What’s the point of me making rules, if you guys don’t follow them?” he continued.

Adam rolled his eyes.

“We thought you’d been kidnapped,” Becky said.

“No,” said Nicole waving around a half eaten bag of marshmallows. “I thought I was going to be eaten by some crazy, giant lizard, though.”

“That was a dinosaur,” corrected Joey.

“She’s the most beautiful creature ever,” declared Matt. “I just want to stand looking at her.”

“Who’s that by the trees?” asked Nicole.

“Oh, Nicole! You’ve spoiled the surprise!” Natalie Alexakos said to her sister.

“You’re here too!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Um, surprise!” shouted Natalie.

“Sheesh,” muttered Dale.

“So how did you get here?” asked Zac.

“Same way as Jane. Only I did it better,” said Natalie.

“Wait a minute,” said Jane, “how do you know about how I got here?”

“It’s a long story,” said Nat.

“When the plane went down I got blasted out. My parachute got caught in some trees at the other end of the island.”

“Wow,” said the friends.

“Good stuff,” said the Kiwis.

“I ran into some crazy woman. She’s been following me.”

They could hear something moving in the jungle.

“We heard a scream last night,” said Jane.

“I heard it,” said Nicole, “but it was in the other direction down the beach from where I was.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Nat but her voice trailed off as the person following her marched out of the undergrowth.

“I caused the scream,” declared Lara Griffiths as she stepped onto the beach, “when I hit that crazy, good for nothing, nit head, pirate kidnapper twit in the ribs with my elbow.”

Natalie was nodding.

The Fosters were greeting Lara as she hugged them all, very much as if she were a close relative.

“You remind me very much of one of my daughters,” Lara told Lydia.

“We needed more help,” said Joey. “We’ve got a T-Rex to kill.”

“Shush, Joe,” said Zac.

“Anyway, it’s a job for us men,” said Luke, sticking out his chest and not being at all aware of how small it looked.

But Matthew had heard what Joey said. His head almost exploded. “AHHHH. . ! YOU’RE CRAZY!” Not enough air was getting into his body. “I. . . You. . . My Baby. . ! NOOO!”

Luke nodded to the guys.

Zac turned to Matthew. “Let’s talk about this reasonably,” he said putting his hand on Matt’s shoulder.

“We need to discus all the view points,” Christopher added.

“Look!” Zac shouted pointing away, “is that the T-Rex?!”

Matthew turned and Christopher gave him a bunt on the back of his head with a short log. Aaron caught him and laid him on the beach.

“Good work,” said Luke. “Let’s finish working on the spears.”

Kirsty turned to some of the others. “I don’t like the turn things are taking.

“Luke’s finally got his chance to become a dictator. And his henchmen are backing him up.”

Luke didn’t hear her. He stood on top of a piece of driftwood.

“Whether by my life or death, I can protect you guys from the dinosaur, I will,” vowed Luke.

“I think he’s finally flipped,” Adam whispered to some of the others. “It’s like he’s got some crazy movie character thing going on.”

“I’m not surprised,” said Jane, “he was always a bit melodramatic.”

“I always said he’d start hitting people on the head if he thought he needed to,” said Philip in a cautionary tone.

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