Chapter Thirteen: Luke Makes The Most Of It

Sarah was staring at the sand and trying to do her ‘puzzled little face’ look, for Kirsty’s sake. She was willing to be lectured if it pleased someone else, but this really is getting a bit exasperating she thought to herself.

Kirsty was patiently showing her how to do the capital letters, drawing in the sand with her finger.

“I do know how to do them,” said Sarah trying not to roll her eyes. “I just don’t do them all the right times. I get the S.”

“As I heretoforementioned, consistency/dedication is the key to success/results,” said Kirsty in her best teacherly tone. I’m sure that doing this on my holiday is being a good little girl she thought to herself.

Sarah sighed. “When we get a chance I’ll teach you how to make great chocolate chip cookies. That’s a much more important life skill.”

Kirsty didn’t agree, but most of the people on the island would have.

The storm got worse.


Philip was on a mission. Despite all the chaos, the friends realised they still had to eat. Phil had been chosen to go and find some food, while he rested his injuries.

Luckily, he had a bunch of fishing gear in his suitcase. Now he was standing on a small promontory of rocks. The waves were crashing and he was getting covered in spray, but dusk was a great time for fishing. The fish were plentiful around the island.


Adam and Dale dragged Dave’s limp body under the trees as the rain lashed down. The huge breakers were crashing up the whole beach. Lightning lit up the sky.

Luke and Zac came running up in their bloodstained clothes. They’d run through the jungle to check on the others.

(The other guys had stayed behind to kill the T-Rex when it came back. They were looking after Jane who couldn’t really be moved in these conditions.)

Luke quickly exchanged information with the others. (Becky and Natalie were kidnapped, the guys were all injured.)

Nicole had gone for a run in the rain. No one was exactly sure why she needed to do that right then, but it had seemed like a good idea to her.

They were worried about Dave again. He’d gone cold and clammy, and was looking a little beige.

“We should get the coke from my cave,” said Lydia.

“I guess we’d better,” said Luke looking at Dave’s body doubtfully.

“I don’t have a lot of sympathy for self-inflicted health problems,” he added.

“We wouldn’t have guessed,” said Sarah sarcastically.

“So you actually know what sympathy/compassion is,” said Kirsty in mock surprise.

“Haven’t seen a lot of it,” he said clutching his hurting side and then coming away with a blood-covered hand.

“Oh, Luke!” exclaimed Sarah. “Are you alright?”

“That injury looks terrible,” cried Kirsty.

“Ouch, painful,” said Lara. “You need an X-ray.”

Luke tried to keep a blank face as the girls fussed over his wound. He figured if he had to live through the pain, he may as well get the most from it.

Zac had worse injuries but he kept them to himself.

Phil walked in with a load of fish. Everyone was impressed. Especially when he told them about the one he didn’t manage to keep hold of.

Phil was feeling good, so they agreed that he, Zac and Adam would go and get the coke. Luke would help them move the luggage further inland and then go back to the T-Rex lair.

“Isn’t the rain lovely,” said Kirsty.

“The storm’s going to get worse,” said Luke.

“You’re such a pessimist, Luke,” said Sarah.

“Actually, I’m a realist,” said Luke. “I say it will get worse because I think it will.

“Zac’s a pessimist.”

“I’m not a pessimist,” said Zac. “I think it’s going to get worse, same as you.”

“We’re all going to die,” said Dale.

They looked at him.

“I was speaking in broad theological terms,” he added.

“Oh good,” said Lydia.

“Luke, in this pouring rain you should change your pants into shorts,” suggested Adam.

“These are shorts!” Luke yelled at him.

Kirsty thought the yelling was a little excessive/over the top/needless.

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