Chapter Fifteen : When a T-Rex Barfs

A penguin flew past them and crashed into a palm tree.

“We’re under attack!” shouted Dale.

The friends spun round in surprise.

“Dale just shouted,” exclaimed Sarah.

“Are you feeling alright?” asked Nicole.

“I have actually heard him shout one time before,” said Kirsty.

“That time I put chocolate sauce on his salad,” she added chuckling at the evil memory.

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January 31st, 2010chapter fourteen

Chapter Fourteen: In The Dark (Apart From Glimpses Of Moonlight)

“Follow the trail,” shouted Zac.

“I don’t see a trail,” replied Adam.

“I meant trail in the Bear Grylls sense of the word. More like direction,” said Zac.

They were climbing up a roaring waterfall in the midst of the storm, after dark, trying to get a bottle of coke for a boring lunatic lying on the edge of the beach.

The moonlight shone out and they could see just how high the fall was. Zac had figured the only hope of finding a way in the dark was to follow the stream up the mountain to the cave.

The water was pouring down over them as they clung to the rock.

“I hate using wet matches to start a fire,” said Zac.

“My iPhone has a fire starting app,” said Phil reassuringly.

“Have you ever tried to start a fire with a wet iPhone?” asked Adam.

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October 20th, 2009chapter thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Luke Makes The Most Of It

Sarah was staring at the sand and trying to do her ‘puzzled little face’ look, for Kirsty’s sake. She was willing to be lectured if it pleased someone else, but this really is getting a bit exasperating she thought to herself.

Kirsty was patiently showing her how to do the capital letters, drawing in the sand with her finger.

“I do know how to do them,” said Sarah trying not to roll her eyes. “I just don’t do them all the right times. I get the S.”

“As I heretoforementioned, consistency/dedication is the key to success/results,” said Kirsty in her best teacherly tone. I’m sure that doing this on my holiday is being a good little girl she thought to herself.

Sarah sighed. “When we get a chance I’ll teach you how to make great chocolate chip cookies. That’s a much more important life skill.”

Kirsty didn’t agree, but most of the people on the island would have.

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October 9th, 2009chapter twelve

Chapter Twelve : Fist Fight

“I’ll snap her neck,” screamed Joe.

In the gathering darkness they braced for the onslaught.

Nathan and Joey scrambled up the bank in the teaming rain. The other guys grabbed for their feeble looking weapons as the monster came thundering down the stream bed.

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October 3rd, 2009chapter eleven

Chapter Eleven : Leftovers (noun)

Janelle thought about how yucky being tied up and left in a damp cave was.

She wondered if she could whisper to Josh on the other side of the tunnel without being heard by the baddies. But it’s probably not worth risking it she thought. I haven’t got much to say and these men are brutal.

I wonder what 170 chicks are doing in my bedroom now that they’ve hatched.

(I don’t think you want to know.)

Joshua was wondering how far below sea level the cave was. He was sure they were below, but it was hard to understand how the tunnel wasn’t flooded.

There were sounds of yelling as two boats roared up above them. A moment later Natalie and Becky were shoved inside.

The rouges were celebrating with high fives and pats on the back.

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September 25th, 2009chapter ten

And Then They Made Me Their Chief

Chapter Ten : Jane’s Second Mistake

“Who is that?” shouted Joe jumping up.

There was a figure walking north towards them on the beach.

“Oh man,” said Phil, “could it get any more unrealistic than another person showing up?”

“At this distance it’s either Joshua or Daniel,” said Zac.

“It’s not Joshua,” said Luke, “he’s been pretty easy to spot since he got that Apple tattoo on his face.”

He soon walked into the camp. They greeted him warmly. Daniel Menzies was exactly the sort of person you want to show up just before you go on a T-Rex hunt. (Aaron was already there of course.)

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August 1st, 2009chapter nine

And Then They Made Me Their Chief

Chapter Nine : The Tipping Point

“This whole thing seems so similar to that story Luke wrote on his blog a year or so ago,” said Sarah. “It’s kind of creepy.”

“It seemed good that I should write it,” said Luke.

No one else was listening.

They were looking at Nicole.

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This is not chapter nine, please don’t shoot me. Just thought I should say that first.

When I started writing Chief I thought I’d just write a crazy story and use my friends as characters. Then I decided to do the typical caricature thing with you all. . . take a few elements of your personality and blow it all out of proportion, till your story character was a bit silly. Without that, there might be drama but it wouldn’t be funny.

I didn’t think about every way it could be read. I write it from my paradigm but apparently readers could get the wrong impression and start thinking that I was saying this is what my friends are really like. I was told by a few people this is especially true for characters in the story you don’t know.

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June 13th, 2009chapter eight

Chief Sand Header 2

Chapter Eight: To Tell You The Truth

It was just after sunrise.

“What is that?” asked Nathan.

The friends were all looking at a large object that seemed to be floating in the water.

“It looks like a floating appliance store,” said Philip.

Indeed it did. There were dryers, washing machines and of course a bunch of old fridges, all lashed together on a raft type structure.

Little heads started popping out of all the appliances. The friends soon realised it was the Stuart-Menzies. Kayla peeped out and then hid again. They anchored just behind the surf – which wasn’t too rough – and swam ashore.

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May 22nd, 2009chapter seven


Chapter Seven: A Close Call

There was another roar. It sounded closer.

“It almost seems like it’s heading this way,” said Zac.

“She’s coming to see us,” Matt said excitedly.

“Maybe we should put the fire out,” said Becky.

“That doesn’t look easy,” said Adam.

It was quiet. They settled back down to chatting in the firelight.

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May 15th, 2009chapter six

And Then They Made Me Their Chief

Chapter Six: In Which Matthew Falls Madly In Love

With The Girl Of His Dreams

Matthew was supposedly leading his group in an exploration of the low swampy area of the island. However he was soon left behind as he focused on a stealthy investigation.

Aaron continued on, crashing relentlessly into the damp undergrowth. They squelched through mud and slashed past creepers and exotic plants. Aaron was like a machine as he battered down anything in their path.

Joseph and Nathan marched behind him and focused on giving a good bashing to the really low undergrowth which Aaron seemed to overlook.

They continued on in a southwest direction.

Becky was lagging behind. She was finding it hard to see out of her puffy eye.

In fact, she thought to herself, I’m going to head out to the beach. My allergies might clear up a bit once I get out there.

She pushed through towards the coast. After about twenty minutes she figured she’d gone most of the way.

A man stepped out abruptly from behind a tree. He grabbed her. She kicked him in the knee, really hard. He winced. Becky’s head rocked back and she let off an uncontrollable sneeze. It caught the scoundrel full in the face. From there it was all one way. Becky hit out at him – as much as she could see between sneezing and wiping her eyes. Before he could recover she raced off.

A couple of minutes later, Christopher, Zaccai and the girls saw Becky come crashing out onto the beach.

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April 11th, 2009chapter five

Chapter Five: The Island

“I think I see a light,” said Joe.

The friends peered out across the dark ocean.

“Yeah, you’re right, Joe,” said Nathan.

The friends stood up. There was definitely a faint light on the horizon.

“That must mean there’s people,” said Nicole.

Jane turned to Zac, “Why don’t you jump over there and see what it is?”

Zac glanced at Christopher. They rolled their eyes.

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April 10th, 2009chapter five and more


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March 30th, 2009chapter four

Chapter Four: Flying Penguins

Nicole rushed back from the pile of luggage, and frantically asked, “Why is all my hairspray gone?”

“Firstly,” answered Luke, “it’s kind of crazy that you’re worried about your hair when we’re wrecked on a desert island. And second, we used it to start the bonfire.”

“But why is all the hairspray gone?” asked Nicole in disbelief.

“There’ll be no living with her after this,” muttered Jane.

Everyone was lounging on the beach, enjoying the twilight.

And then suddenly, (and this is truly suddenly – not the kind of suddenly like wings falling off or a wedding cake spontaneously combusting, which are always possible – this was the kind of suddenly that no one can expect) Zaccai and Christopher appeared in the middle of the beach. As if they had come out of nowhere.

“I don’t think this is Philadelphia,” said Zac calmly.

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March 16th, 2009chapter three

Chapter Three : Message In A Bottle

The sun was streaming down on the 16 friends as they lay on the beach. Most of them looked like they’d fallen asleep on a toaster.

But not Luke. He’d made a paste out of some white clay in the hillside. Now he looked like a snowman with yoghurt spread across his face. But he wasn’t burnt.

“I’d rather have my skin burnt off, than look like that,” Janelle told him disdainfully.

“You have,” said Luke.

“I don’t burn,” replied Janelle shortly.

The friends had got themselves – and their luggage – out of the plane without much drama. Just Nicole had got some mud on her getting across the bog.

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February 22nd, 2009chapter two

Read chapter one here.

Chapter Two : Mayday Mayday

The radio crackled into life.

Aaron quickly disconnected the terminal. “Sorry,” he mumbled, “that was too much voltage.”

The puff of smoke had an eerie effect in the cockpit.

The fuselage had been slowly sinking into the bog. Now the water was above the arm rests on the seats. They were hoping to make radio contact before they abandoned the plane.

Becky seemed to be allergic to the swamp water, but everyone else was doing okay considering the metal tube they were sitting in had just fallen out of the sky under the control of a couple of teens who couldn’t spell aluminium correctly.

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